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Service First Mortgage - The Davidson Group is a closely-knit group of mortgage experts with a passion for going above and beyond in the name of professionalism, service, and overall satisfaction.  We know that a happy client is a repeat client, a good referrer, and a Raving Fan! We want our clients to be so thrilled with our service that they recommend us to all of their friends and family. Choose to work with us and you will be saying the same as these clients below:

I have known Jennifer for years and she is the very first person I will contact when I need sound advice. She always responds in a quick manner and gives the most sound advice. She is not concerned about what will best benefit herself, but is more concerned about what the best possible solution is for her clients. Any and every person that I know in need of a mortgage I send to Jennifer.
- user3370532
For anyone that has gone through the home buying process, it can be pretty stressful sometimes--and this time for my family was no different. We had to move out of our apartment earlier than anticipated and we were living in a hotel, so closing quickly was a must. She knew our situation and she went above and beyond to get us out of the expensive and uncomfortable hotel into the home we had chosen. She kept in constant contact with me and never let too much time go by to cause any additional worry on my end. Jennifer was the ultimate professional; she was very knowledgeable about the entire home buying process and she kept us abreast of the various guidelines, laws and procedures along the way. I was very humbled by the fact that she was working extremely hard to help me and my family. I know she had a job to do but her sincerity and compassion for getting us into our home was very evident. From beginning to end, Jennifer was so helpful and encouraging. I am thankful to have been introduced to such a genuine person and for the time that she and her team invested in me and my family. I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer Aleman and her services to anyone that is looking to buy a home. THANK YOU JENNIFER!!!
- user480849
Jennifer was amazing! I purchased a home with my friend whom had already purchased a home before and was ranting about how hard the process was going to be. For me it was my first time buying a home so I was excited but worried it was going to be a painful process... Jennifer made it super easy and made sure we had everything we needed it was very hassle free. My friend was so surprised with the ease of the process compared to last time when he used another lender. We had no issues with any of the process and are very pleased with Jennifer and Service First Mortgage they really made this a very pleasant process!
- AwfulBear
Jennifer Aleman is a highly motivated professional. She is very knowledgable as well as educated. I work at a banking institution and despite my involvement with them I got a better deal with Mrs. Aleman. I thank her so much.
- user7908333
Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and I felt that she personally took the time to address any questions I had during my loan process. This provided me great peace of mind in what could have been an immensely stressful purchase if I didn't have her help. The whole process went smooth and I would highly recommend her to friends & family.
- user62936079
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